About the Trip

We are starting out from Perth on the 14th of May and cycling to Sydney. The wind patterns indicate this is the best direction to take at this particular time of year

I'm a forty something year old Redhead, and Coffee is an 8+year old Yellow Kelpie. That makes her about 56 in human years, so I'm still the junior member of the duo… hence I'm the one doing the peddling!

Why are we doing this?

So why are we going to stretch what started out as a pleasant hour's evening exercise into a 2+ month trip?

About 14 years ago I lost my father to cancer and have always intended to do some form of fundraiser for the cancer cause.

I have since wanted to make a difference, take on a challenge and do some serious fundraising.

I've opted to give people two choices to donate to. They are Cancer Council NSW and MS Australia – ACT/NSW/VIC.

MS Australia was chosen because a close friend, who is also the designer of this web site, is one of those afflicted by this condition, and she has been a great source of inspiration to me.

I have been repeatedly humbled when watching those who must deal with such challenges, and the courage with which they handle their lives.

For this reason, the trip will not have any support vehicles, as in truth, that would be a bit like ascending Everest in an elevator — it would just end up taking the real challenge out of the whole thing.

So there you have it in a nutshell.

Coffee-Dog and Carrot