Hello All from VIC and NSW!

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  1. Gill Smith/Mildura says: says:

    So nice to meet both you and coffee dog Carrot. Thank you for raising funds close to my heart. May the rest of your journey be filled with good people and safe travel. Gill and Charlie Smith- Mildura

  2. sv says:

    good to see you’ve started to pedal faster

  3. Danielle and Tristan says:

    Hello Carrot and Coffee dog I wasn’t sure how else I could contact you. Once you start getting closer to Yass NSW the Yass Tribune news paper would like to feature you and coffee dog. Karan Gabriel is the contact and number 02 6226 1622. I will keep checking your tracker and do my best to keep them up to date!

    Best regards,

    Danielle and Tristan

  4. Jerome Hamersley says:

    G’day from over here in WA, I see that you’re in Northern Victoria now. Hope it’s all going well and no mishaps :)


  5. Lindy Ralph says:

    Hey Carrot, I drove past you in Castlemaine yesterday and thought “wow, that bike looks heavy” then read the Castlemaine Mail today and found out what you are doing. Good on you, my Mum has just been diagnosed with MS it is is an oportune time to donate. Also I believe we went to school together in Castlemaine, am I right?
    Best of luck, what you are doing is amazing and your doggy is gorgeous!

  6. Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola says:


    Please pass our (Balingup) Noggerup spiritual respect to our beloved departed friend Joska who left here,and ended up over there, doing his thing.
    I am sure his personal impact and artistic endeavour left its mark there as well.
    Balingup was Joska’s true spiritual home and over here in the West we still mourn his loss.
    He also had a colourful character for a dog, for many years.Sonny(Sunny??)
    Always had to have the last bark.Bloody infatuated with stick retrieval.
    (And chasing skirt.
    Dogs ARE like their owners.( Brings a whole new slant to ‘leg humping,eh?)

    Any hoo,when you guys drop back over we will elaborate on this man,his dog his life and his art.
    Good fortune to you both….

    Take care.
    Cheers from Noggers.

  7. Nicole Oates says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee, Hope you remember me and my husband (Rob) from Bunbury DHP. Coffee Dog will definitely remember Boomerang. We are now in Albury Wodonga – after an interesting trip around WA. We have pulled up stumps and stopping here for a while. If you get to this area – you have a free bed and meal.

  8. Angel Jasna says:

    Twas so loverly to meet you both at our local market….”Wesley Hill Market”………you both made my day……I wish you both all that you desire and then some………Thanks for that lovely doggie kiss Coffeedog…..you melted my heart!…….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Carrot says:

    Hi all, this is Michelle, on behalf of Carrot, who is unable to write to you on the blog but can read your comments. As dictated by Carrot:
    Am currently in NSW, travelling north from the lovely Holbrook, up the Hume Hwy towards Canberra. Hospitality in Victoria proved to be as warm as in the West. But as time is slipping by and we hope to be in Darling Harbour, Sydney before Christmas, we’ve decided to get a move on. We’re hoping to be in Canberra by early next week. Coffee will be devestated at the end of the trip, she’s so accustomed to being spoilt, cuddled, kissed (and fed!!!!!!) by those we meet. As always, the truckies on the Hume continue to be a pleasure to share the road with. We’re so little and they’re so big, we really appreciate their consideration as they pass. Anyway, hopefully, we’ll have nice weather for the rest of the trip and NSW and ACT is as supportive as the rest of Australia…..

  10. Darryl Worth says:

    Hi Carrot n Coffee

    Was great to catchup with you last weekend. The camper is still sitting out on the front lawn waiting to dry out. Blue skys this arvo so we may get it packed up tomorrow. The photo of Coffee and the kids looks great on a big screen but not sure how to put it on this web site for you. Please to see you have managed to move along again and hope your not to wet.

    Keep pedalling
    “The Worths”

  11. Darryl Worth says:

    Check out The Facebook page. Just worked out how to share the photo on FB

  12. Hi again Carrot and Coffee-Dog, great to welcome you today to my home, five miles from Gundagai, and I hope your stopover refreshed you for the next leg of your long ride. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the pictures, especially of lovely Coffee-Dog sitting up next to me. Travel safely and best wishes for your fundraising endeavour, and please keep in touch with your friend the Dog on the Tucker Box. Woof!

  13. Denise Melville says:

    We live 6 ks off the federal Hwy out of Canberra twds Goulburn. Would love to give you a bed.
    We have 3o acres, used to have show horses ad 3 dogs but oly 1 Golden retriever now.
    We are in our 70′s but quite active and I would love to see you both.

  14. allison young says:

    Nice to see you coming into Murrumbateman the other day. Was quite surprise to see Coffeedog on the back. Did not see her until I passed. Heard you on mix106.3 on 1st Dec. Hope you get to Sydney safely. Allison

  15. marilyn evans says:

    hi, we met you & coffeedog @ War memorial IN Canberra if you go any where near maitland NSW
    (Morpeth) get in touch would love you to share our home for a night .Keep pedaling.

  16. Rod Nightingale says:

    Gday Carrot,I just found out from Kimmy Eather what you were up to.Good onya mate ,what an experience.You will have plenty of yarns to tell when you get back home.I take my hat off to you.Take care and tell da mutt i said gday. Roostar.

  17. Laura Sidney says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffeedog! You’re nearly there! What a mammoth effort! What’s the go will you let us all know when you’re due to arrive in Sydney so we can meet you at the finish line and buy dog and owner/butler a cold beverage (Guiness for Carrot, water for you sorry coffee dog!)? Would be the go to get some people there to greet you and throw some more money in the pot!
    Love and well wishes for the home stretch, Laura & Adam.

    • Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola says:

      Suzie and I would like a public holiday declared when these legends cross the line.

      Much respect to Carrot and Coffee from the Kelpie lovers at Noggerup.

      Good fortune to you both….

      Take care.
      Cheers from Noggers.

  18. Troy Crittle says:

    G’day Carrot, good luck on your trip mate. Would be good to catch up if you could pedal up to tamworth.


  19. mick says:

    pedal faster i need a beer with you man

  20. Suzie Fairclough says:

    Carrot & Coffee – Christmas wishes from WA =) We hope you have a wonderful day, wherever it finds you!!!
    Colin & Suzie, Wandy & Zola xx

  21. Danielle says:

    Have you made it?

  22. Gill Smith/Mildura says:

    Hey Carrot, all the best to yourself and coffeedog

    Gill and Charlie Smith Mildura

  23. Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola says:

    You beee uteeeeeeeeeee.

    We hope you are both safe and well.
    Suzie and I are going to take Wandy into Donnybrook next Wed night to watch Red Dog at the open air thingy.
    Congrats again from,

    The Noggerup crew

  24. Cindy says:

    Hi Carrot, not sure if you are still accessing this account, just say hi from my home country, a big thank you for fund raising again, and all the best for tomorrow’s City2Surf.
    Sorry I’m not in Sydney to welcome you. Hope to catch up with you and Coffee again some time later.

  25. Jess Jamo @ Dempster Sporting, Esperance WA says:

    Hey Carott, Just saying “HI” from the crew over here in WA at Dempster Sporting. Come back soon!!!!

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