Hello All from WA, SA and VIC!



Making our way through W.A. and having a great time! The support has been fantastic so far. Thank you to you all, Carrot and Coffee. Woof!

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  1. Leanne says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffeedog :) ,
    We met you outside Woolies today in Albany, What a gorgeous companion you have there Carrot. It is windy and cold and horrible at the moment down here and it was great to read that you have a host family down here. We have liked your facebook page and asked all my friends to re post it to their profile as well. What an amazing adventure and life experience you two are on
    ” One great, strong, unselfish soul in every community could actually redeem the world”. ‘Albaert Hubble’.
    Cheers and good luck! :) .
    Leanne and girls.

    • Carrot says:

      Hi Leanne. Thanks so much for your kind comments. We certainly have been VERY lucky in meeting Grahan & Helen who are hosting us here in Albany, just as we have been with ALL the wonderful people throughout Australia who have hosted, assisted, sponsored, donated, helped us out & wished us well. It’s all the many forms of support (including the posts on this blog & facebook) that we’re getting along the way that is making this fundraiser such a success. While words will never sufficiently express our gratitide, we’d still like to say a HUGE THANK-YOU to EVERYONE, for all that you’ve done to make this come together!!!!! It’s all of you who deserve recognition for your kindness!

  2. Colin and Suzie says:

    G’day Carrot and Coffee,
    Sorry I’ve been lax in contacting you guys.
    Busy, busy!

    Hope it’s all going well and that Coffee is still shaking hands!

    Stay Coffee! Stay! (Bloody roos)

    Stay safe you guys,Gissa yell some-time.

    We will hold you to the revisit thing in the future,too.
    May even lean on you for some tips.(In case we get a similar urge) By the way a small WA wheatbelt town has a ‘dog in a ute’ event(or used to).Maybe you and Coffee could be special guests there sometime, after the mission?Just a thought.
    Go well,mate.Look after each other.
    Kelpies rule!
    (They’re Half *****,half ******! Shhhhh! It’s a secret formula.)

    The boys from Mutton Junkett said to say hello ; ).
    See if you can get a look at Waychinicup (no dogs, unfortunately)
    Ring if you want a few interesting contacts in Esperance.

    from Colin and Suzie,in Noggers.

    PS: Wandy sends her love(snarl,snarl)
    PPS: Zola(Ridgee) said shut up and stoke the fire.

    • Carrot says:

      Great to hear from my Noggerup hosts & glad to hear you’re all doing well. Actually, I DO have some tips for anyone considering a trip like this: there’s a lot to be said for motorbikes, cars, or anything else with any form of internal combustion engine powering it along!!!! I’ll update with more revolutionary ideas as they come to mind….

  3. Carrot says:

    It’s been a few days since our last update, so in brief: We ended up staying nearly a whole week in Albany, such was the hospitality of that town. Yet again, it proved to difficult to leave such a nice place! Upon leaving, rain put a quick halt to our progress with only 10km being made to King River, where we made camp at the local caravan park. This proved to be another great spot, especially when we woke to sunny skies, a most gorgeous park, a mob of ducks & a few rogue guinea-pigs – all surrounding the camp kitchen. How novel is that! Well worth the look if you get the chance. Hilly country made for slow going, so we pulled up at the Manypeaks cricket ground for the evening. Today we were making great-guns until a broken spoke (could a FAT dog have been the cause of that, I wonder?) forced us to pull up at the Green Range Golf Club to make repairs. So it is here that we shall stay for the evening, where there are two other kelpies for Coffee to sniff bums with, a hot meal, warm shower & a cold beer to boot! What more could we possibly ask for….

    • tanya rabac says:

      sounds good carrot!

      • Carrot says:

        Had a wonderful evening at the Green Range Country Club, thanks to the hospitality of the locals (Kelly, David, Brydie, Dave, Jessie, Ian, Peter & Marlene). After which we made our way to the roadside stop on the banks of the Pallinup River where another enjoyable evening was spent in the company of some fellow travellers. A bit windy during the night, but nothing that our Tarptent can’t handle (Go the Scarp II – it has proven to be an excellent tent all round, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone!) Today we were delighted to meet Andrew Cadigan on the road (in the rain), who is presently WALKING, ALL the way around Australia to raise money for the Cancer Council. He is a really pleasant bloke who is doing an extraordinarily challenging trip, for what I obviously believe to be a most worthy cause! If you would like to find out more about Andrew’s fundraiser, his website is: http://www.ozonfoot.com And for a truely top of the range meal & coffee, we have to recommend Bush Chooks Cafe at the Boxwood Hill Roadhouse. Thanks heaps Chevy & Clint for getting us fed & back on the road (yet another broken spoke-No.3)! As you may have read in another of my posts today, the weather has turned foul so we’re staying put on the side of the road until it clears some. Tomorrow, hopefully….

      • Carrot says:

        It most certainly was, Tanya!

  4. Helen & Graham says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffee dog,
    Sorry you had a broken spoke we do not take any blame for fat dogs too cute not to feedup.
    Hope the rest of the trip is less hassel.

    Helen& Graham

    • Carrot says:

      Greetings to all there at the Tutt clan. Broke yet another spoke today & yes – Coffee WAS on the bike at the time. I am considering putting her on a diet for the rest of the trip if this continues to happen….

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Carrot and coffee dog. The photos made me laugh so much, especially your comments. I bet the journey will take you well over a year will all of the good times you are having a long the way. Good job you are working off all of that good food and wine on the bike. I have an idea of how you could travel a bit lighter. Coffee dog can pedal and you can run a long side Carrot. You guys crack me up. You are doing so well. I love what you are doing and it is very inspiring.
    ROCK ON DUDES. Big love to you both.

    • Carrot says:

      Hi Sarah. Glad you like the way the blog & pic’s are going. Very much like your idea about getting Coffee to peddle! Not nearly so keen on the thought of me having to run though….

  6. tanya rabac says:

    Hi carrot and coffee,hope you are travelling well.Was great to meet you in Mt Barker the other week.Ive had many conversations with my 5 year old(who you met outside georges collectables)about why you are doing what you are.The only thing i told her was that special people(and dogs)do special things.Good luck.

    • Carrot says:

      Hi Tanya. It was a delight to meet you & your daughter out the front of George’s the other day. Really glad you like what we’re doing – hearing people say as much is the greatest form of encouragement that we can receive! Certainly keeps me motivated (much the same as food does for Coffee!) Mt Barker was so good to us that we really had no desire to leave at all. Still, we had to mosey on…

      • tanya rabac says:

        Hi Carrot and Coffee dog.Its so cold wet and windy in Mt Barker at the moment which prompted me to think of how you guys are going with your wonderful journey.Hope your travelling well and people are being generous with their dollars!My daughter asked me the other day where you were and if coffee dog was ok so i said i would send you a message and ask!Stay safe and warm,kind regards Tanya and Bec.

  7. G’day Carrot,
    Hope you are going alright in this rain and wind……just another test of character for you mate.
    As promised, just giving you directions to the Esperance Bathers Paradise caravan park we spoke about in Albany.
    They will look after you and Coffee, and they’re over the road from the dog beach…..
    It’s on Westmacott St, about 3k’s north of town centre, off the Goldfields Rd. Ask for Darlene.
    Cheers mate, and hope all goes well.

    • Carrot says:

      Thanks so much for that Todd – VERY appreciated! The wind is in our favour (thankfully!), so not too much of a test for us so far….

  8. Cornflake & M & Potato Cake says:

    Hey Carrot and Coffee, thinking of you both – heard weather in WA’s South West will be wet n wild, so rug up for the ride. We’ll be up in hot Karratha in a couple of days – good break from Hunter Valley cold… brrrr! xx

    • Carrot says:

      Hello to the Lee clan. Hope all is well, over in the chilly east. Well, for once the dreaded weather forecast was RIGHT! As I write, we are holed up in the tent on the side of the road about 40km south-west of Jerramungup, waiting for wind (37km/hr at last report & head on to us at the moment, as luck should so have it) & rain to blow over. So hear’s to hoping that tomorrow will prove more favourable for travelling. We too are dreaming of Karratha weather at this point in time. Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we’re enjoying ours!

      • Helen & Graham says:

        Hi Carrot & Coffee Dog,
        Ridge say’s eat your heart out Coffee dog the fire here is so good. Graham said he feels guilty about you getting wet when you left. Hope the weather improves for you. Keeping track of your progress.

        Good luck
        Helen & Graham

        • Carrot says:

          I’m pretty sure Coffee would be more than happy to change places with Ridge in front of the fire! And no need to feel guilty Graham – we didn’t get toooooo wet….

  9. Cheryl and Joe says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee Dog,

    Your newspaper picture is on our fridge. We wish you both well. Your are a true inspiration. Love the blog and pictures.

    Kindest regards,

    Cheryl and Joe

    • Carrot says:

      Delighted that you like what we’re doing, Cheryl & Joe. And equally as delighted that you’ve let us know. Such comments keep us inspired too!

  10. Jerome Hamersley says:

    Getting thirsty yet?? Still got a couple of Guiness cans for ya! :) Keep in front of that cold front mate and I’ll catch up with you & coffee again soonish after the doc gives me the all clear.

    • Carrot says:

      G’day Jez, good to hear from you. Hope you’re on the mend. No need to chill that Guiness – the outside temp at the moment will be more than sufficient for that task….

  11. Carrot says:

    Jerramungup proved to be yet another hospitable little town, where we stayed at the local caravan park for two nights. The weather was pretty foul, so this spell was much appreciated! The following evening found us camped on the side of the road just south-west of the locality of Fitzgerald. Thanks to a favourable tail wind, we were able to reach Ravensthorpe in good time yesterday (though ‘cyclists beware’ of the Phillips River ‘gorge’ – it’s quite an incline for this relatively gently undulating country!!!!) MANY thanks to Bushy, Nicole & Ash for teeing up some accommodation for us at the Ravensthorpe Palace Hotel – ESPECIALLY appreciated during this cold front! Also to Gaylene & Peter of the Palace Hotel for their wonderful support & hospitality. Saturday night with the locals at the pub was a most enjoyable way to spend the evening! And so today we continue on towards Esperance….

    • Gillian says:

      Hello Carrot and the lovely Coffeedog.
      Met you in Ravy on Sunday just as you were leaving the pub for your ride to Esperance.
      I had heard about your ride on the radio and TV and been keeping an eye on your progress on your website. It was such a thrill to meet you both and now I can brag to others that I met you personally. All the best for the rest of your journey and you are welcome back anytime. Travel safe and Godbless you. Hope the hills are few and the Nullabor interesting. You deserve to raise heaps of money. Just love that Coffeedog!!

  12. vahid roser says:

    don’t ride to sydney just skip it and come to bulga… i think that beer is waiting for you at the water hole….. im trying to fix one of your forges at the moment. and that tent you are in, is that the 2 second set up one because if it is torch it…. have funnn.


    • Carrot says:

      G’day Vahid & all the Roser clan. Sounds tempting about including Bulga on the eastward route, but in the meantime could you do something about levelling those hills along the Putty Road? As for the whole 2 second tent scenario, no, that’s not what we’re using anymore. We’ve upgraded to a Tarptent which works an absolute treat! If you still happen to have my old 2 sec one, I’d be most appreciative if you could wait until my return before you crank up the forge with that parked on top! Watching you torch that monster would be one of my life’s highlighting pleasures, & I’d never be able to thank you enough for bringing me such a visual joy! I’d even supply the marshmellows to toast it good-riddance!!!!

  13. Sunny says:

    Hello carrot, It’s me Sunny.
    When I met you last night in the pub, I didn’t know that you were undergoing such a nice project. You are so cool. I was so great to see you riding bike on the road! and I thought that meething was the last, But glad see you again in Munglinup. I have traveled by bicycle in Korea, from north to south cross the county. you know, korea is small so it took just 1 weeks but it was really meaningful to me. So I was so impressed by the work you are doing. Take care and I’m sending cheers for you to travel well! Wish you are always healthy and happy! Take care.
    Ps. Say hello to cute coffee for me ;)

    • Carrot says:

      Hi Sunny, it was really good to meet you and the Ravy crowd on that Saturday night. What a top little place! If we decide to continue cycling to Korea, we’ll be sure to get some tips from you on the best way to get there….

  14. Chirpa says:

    Hi Carrot
    The boy’s send there greetings to you and coffee dog.
    They are wondering if you have a good tail wind at the moment the westerly here is blowing a gale.
    Good luck we all enjoy you notes.

    • Carrot says:

      G’day Chirpa & a big cheerio to you all there at sunny (&windy) MCC. Yup, prevalent tail winds at the moment are making for easy going, so fingers crossed it stays that way for the next month of so…..

  15. Rod Parsons says:

    Just been reading blog after hearing your interview on Esperance radio. Great effort. I also lost my father some years ago to cancer. From being a serious mountain biker biker myself, sounds like you may have a spoke problem which could mean respoking your bike with heavier duty spokes. Once out on the Nullabor, it’s a long way between drinks before a repair shop. The bike mechanic at Dempster Sporting in Esperance could do that. I’m happy to foot the bill as I’m sure budgeting has to be stretched for some months yet. Give me a call on 0427712902 if you think it’s worthwhile.

    • Carrot says:

      Hi Rod. I cannot express enough gratitude for the help & hospitality that you and the folks of Esperance have shown to Coffee & myself. It is this sort of support that makes my faith in human kindness what it is….

  16. Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola at Noggerup says:

    Yo bro,
    Hope it’s al hummin’ along with you dudes.

    As Dennis said, we’re still thinkin’ of you on your worthy mission.
    Love the photo of Coffee, guts up in front of the fire, a position our two have taken to a new level of immobility.

    They stay glued as close as possible until dehydration sets in.
    Surely that’s proof they have a modicum of human stupidity/opportunism within????.
    (Unlike the two legged kind I have it on good authority that our canine rellos have no idea what the term ‘ulterior motive’ means, however I did hear ‘that’ from a kelpie and we all know they are half ***** and half ******!! SNEEEEEKY!!!!

    Who’d want another breed.
    Go well.
    from Us Noggers Mob

    • Carrot says:

      G’day Noggers Mob. Yes indeed, who would want another breed?! (unless of course, it was smaller, lighter, ate less…. – oops, i didn’t really mean any of that! I hope no one else is reading this except you!)

      At this present moment, Coffee is actually a bit crook & doing a few chukky-blurps! I suspect she’s eaten something that she shouldn’t have, so she will have to take it a bit easy for a day or two, and not try to digest 14 party pies in one sitting any more….

  17. Carrot says:

    Been a while since our last post, so I’ll try to sum events up in brief:
    Following Ravensthorpe, we spent another night on the roadside 60km west of Esperance where the mozzie population was in tropical numbers – clearly, the cold weather doesn’t phase them down in the south-west!
    From there we finished the last leg to Esperance in less than ideal weather – rain, head on winds, cold, you know the deal! Much better done in a car on days like that (but it was flat though!) AND, 25kms out of town, we clocked up the first 1000km leg of the route!!!!!!! Only 4000 to go now.
    Something a little less planned for was coming-a-gutser 5kms out of town when we pranged in a washout while trying to avoid being sideswiped by a car trailer. It was an honest accident & nothing more serious than a bit of bark off the knee & elbow (and a change of underpants!)
    From there, all was good into Esperance……

    Which is where we have been for the past week & a half! Naomi has been our wonderful host & through her we have been introduced to this absolutely delightful place. Another definite ‘Must-See’ if you’re in the south-west!
    The hospitality here is second to none, with the bike undergoing MAJOR repairs at the local Dempster Sporting shop. What a wonderful team they are & an absolute godsend for anyone who’s on a pushbike. So, with some part replacements to our machine (entire back wheel, rear brakes, tyres, chain, cassette & assembly) we are ready to go again! We cannot express enough thanks to whole team at Dempster (Peter, Sue, Jess, Daniel & Wheels) & Rod Parsons for getting us back on the road – the trip could not have gone on for much longer without your kindness & assistance!!!!
    And while the bike was being rebuilt, another local business was going way above & beyond with their contribution to building Coffee a new Billboard/Coat. Driza-Bone have kindly donated one of their oilskin coats for the purpose and the team at Patches n Things in Esperance (Deb, Delcia, Kathy, Sheila & Co.) have turned it into a masterpiece that would put Josephs technicolour coat to shame! Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for the time & effort it took to create this work of art!!!!
    And to finish Coffee’s tailored outfit, Kate at Dutaillis Saddlery in Goulburn has custom made two sets of dog-boots to protect her paws from Double-Gees (a particularly nasty spiked seed, which can send dogs lame in areas where they are prevalent). These boots too, would put any Doc Martins to shame, but I’ll just let the pictures do the talking in this case – words fail me on this one. Thanks, Kate (I think!) Keep an eye on the updates on the pictures for when these ones come through – you’ll see what I mean…….

    • Gillian says:

      Hi to you both. Cant wait to see photos of your time in Esperance and Coffeedogs new outfit. You must be really enjoying the place as you have stayed awhile or is the thought of the Nullabor ahead of you keeping you in town. But maybe Coffeedog has fallen in love with a local canine and your you cant get away!!!! I am sure your tracker will start moving again soon so take care on the road and will look forward to watching your progress on the web.

  18. Michelle says:

    Hey I finally have found the right place to comment. You guys are going so well and I’m loving the photos. Well done, it’s so easy to whiz around the site and see what you’re up to. Did you get on your way today, new fancy pants re-built bike, and the incredibly Bomb Proof Coffle Woffle on the back? Travel safe, Michelle.

  19. kennedy , charlie , ron says:

    SEE YA

  20. Carolyn Middleton says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffeedog
    I thought you must be long gone from Esperance, not having seen you about the place (and especially not to be found in front of the French Bread Shop!) but I see today you are not far away at all (Salmon Gums). Myself and my boys, Alex and Connor, loved meeting you both and watching Coffeedog devour a pie in seconds :) Sounds like your trip is going extremely well – all the best for the rest of it across Australia!!

  21. Kate Stewart says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee,how’s it all going?Hope everything’s going alright for you out there.Bit of an adventure,eh?You know you’ve got a place for Coffee to rest up when you get here.Yeah alright you too,Carrot.When are we going to see some shots of Coffee in her new gear.Anyway,all the best.Party time when you hit Goulburn.Legend.Kate and Pete

  22. Carrot says:

    Well, we’re back on the road again after a very pleasant (& prolonged) stay in Esperance. It truly is one of the most picturesque places in this country & I would recommend to anyone travelling through the south-west to make it a priority to spend some time there. The beaches are particularly stunning & I would go so far as to say that they are second to none! The locals showed us the warmest hospitality & I must particularly thank our host Naomi for her extended kindness in allowing us to stay at her house for the whole duration of our 3 week stay. BIG thanks for that mate!!!! Another big thanks again to the girls at Patches ‘n Things for sewing additional logos onto the bike’s saddle bags. In addition to the sensational job done on Coffee’s coat, you’ve really smartened our whole outfit right up! So from Esperance we began to head north, only to strike some pretty serious head winds which lead to us staying at the Gibson Soak Hotel for a couple of nights until they eased a bit. Dianne & Phil are terrific hosts & our time there was every bit as great as the locals promised it would be. And yes, the meals really are worth crowing about! From there to Grass Patch was good going, with the terrain now quite flat (you’ll hear no complaints from us about that!) However, more strong head-on winds dominated the weather at the time, so we extended our stay at the local transit park to 2 nights again. From there it was slow going to Salmon Gums where we stayed last night at the local caravan park. And today’s progress wasn’t a whole lot better for the same reason – MORE strong head winds!!!! My sincere thanks to Rod Parsons for keeping me updated with the recent weather forecasts, which has helped us prepare for these wild & woolley conditions. So tonight we are camped at a blue metal stockpile depot on the roadside some 70kms south of Norseman, hoping that the winds & showers will have cleared by the morning….

  23. Carrot says:

    Wow! What a storm!!!! Around midnight, while camped at the roadside blue metal stockpile south of Norseman, we were woken to what amounted to the tent attempting to launch into orbit with the help of a passing storm. I had rather hoped that if we did achieve takeoff, we’d land somewhere further east, rather than end up back along where we’d just come from! However the brunt of the winds only lasted less than 5 minutes & safe to say the tent didn’t budge, so if your thinking of buying a hiking shelter, I’d recommend seriously considering a Tarptent ScarpII! Serioiusly, I never cease to be amazed by the batterings that this little beauty can weather.

    So we woke to a sterling day & headed north, arriving in Norseman where we are currently staying at the Gateway Caravan Park. Once again, our hosts Allan & Gail have made us feel like kings as we enjoy the comfort of a cabin, before we start across the Nullarbor in our trusty tent again.

    Norseman is a mining area & the last town heading east on the Eyre Highway before South Australia. I must admit that I’m rather looking forward to some flat country with some TAIL winds (fingers crossed!) for a change.

    So tomorrow, weather permitting, we plan to head off for just that….

    • Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola at Noggerup says:

      Hey there Brother,(and Coff)
      Tailwinds have been ordered, and are hopefully on their way.
      (Hint: A certain bird will herald their arrival ; ) )

      Just dropping a line to say we send our Noggers thoughts,which we hope will combine with your energy,and enthusiasm (and the purpose of original mission), to guide you and Coffee safely on, from stop to stop.

      Very proud to have shared a beer with you,and hope to do so again sometime.

      Take care, from us Noggers mob.

      I strongly recommend you go to this link and check out the photo.
      (Recommended to your fan base too)


      Are lazy dogs taking over the world?

      Anyway,I really like the one in the middle, although really, it’s pretty obvious,they work as a team!!!!

      Fare thee well, and we shall speak again soon……….

      And regarding the possibility of bigger things,such as World Peace…

      As the imminent lyrical genius Warren Zevon once said,
      “Even a dog can shake hands….”


    • Cindy says:

      2 months into your journey, you’ve just covered one-fifths of the map, I feel like to cry…

  24. Postie Jo says:

    Carrots & Coffee Dog. Lovely to meet you both, and have a yarn. Hope the trip across the Nullarbor is without drama and most inspiring for you. If you need a helping hand give me a tinkle. Otherwise I am sending you my best wishes for a safe journey ……. see you on the return trip. Give the Nullarbor Postie a Wave when he passes you along the road. Cheerio from Postie JO

  25. Helen & Graham says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffee Dog,
    Hope you got your tail winds you wanted. We think of you both often hope not too many steep inclines on the rest of your trip . Spoke to some people who had passed through Esperance said they saw you just about everyday that they were there commented on how friendly you were .
    Hopoe the rest of the trip goes without problems, hope to talk to you again soon.

    Helen & Graham

  26. Gillian says:

    Hi to you wonderful pair,
    You are definitely making some progress now . Good weather and flatter terrain would certainly be helping you. We are having glorious weather in Ravensthorpe after the fortnight of howling winds which you have encountered since you left Esperance. My heart went out to you both but is seems you found good friends to shelter with for most nights, heading north.
    Looking forward to some more photos especially Coffeedogs new outfit.
    Enjoy the Nullabor and the flat country, you will be in SA, before you know it.

  27. Ian (Lefty) Wright says:

    Hi Carrot (and Coffee),
    It was a pleasure to meet you at Fraser Range, and I enjoyed the evening story-telling.
    Best Wishes on your journey


  28. Michelle says:

    Carrot has asked me to let ya’ll know that he and Coffee have begun the Great Nullabor Trek, and are out of mobile reception so no blog from them. He will fill us all in on their adventures as soon as he has mobile reception.
    He loves youse all!!!!

  29. Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola at Noggerup says:

    Hi guys.
    Hey Carrot,
    (Something to check out, when you are online next)
    Whenever Coffee gets the sooks, about his seat,get him to check out Horrie in this exhibit.
    The other pictures are well worth seeing,too.


    Go well.

  30. Glen and Bill says:

    Still following you since Donnybrook Carrot and Cake. Always a relief to see your “I’m OK” message on tracker. Stay safe! Cheers from Glen and Bill from Western AustraLia!

  31. Gill says:

    Hi Carrot and coffeedog
    It was a pleasure and inspiration to meet you on a VERY windy day at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse crossing the nullabor. (having bike trouble and waiting for spare parts).Our family too have experienced the heart ache of both MS and cancer so your chosen cause is close to my heart. Keep safe and I really hope you continue to meet kind people along your journey

  32. Laura Sidney says:

    Hiya Carrot & Coffee
    Sending WARM thoughts to you as you cross the Nullabor! Hope all goes well!
    Lots of love from Laura xox

  33. Ged says:

    Wondered where you got to. Ken E filled me in on where u where – good luck

  34. Cornflake & M & Potato Cake says:

    Still thinking of you… where’s your tracker gone… not loading our end. Hope you’re warm and have full bellies. xx

  35. sarah says:

    Hi Y’all. been a wile since I checked in on you two. Looks like you are getting on very well. Bit of wet weather here and there though I see. Hope you are being well looked after where ever you are tonight. Thinking of you and sending cosmic hugs to you both. Sarah xxx

  36. Potty says:

    In South Oz, just over 1900kms make good time now. Its been awhile since me last msg. A few scattered showers ahead over the next few days, according to the weather man. Lets hope their more accurate than our resident weather man. The blokes are giving regular updates as to you and coffee. All well at MCC at this point in time?

  37. Carrot says:

    Hello to everyone & thanks for your posts while we’ve been out of service range.
    We have just arrived at the Nullarbor Roadhouse and so have service for the couple of days that we plan to stay here. As you can see from our location on the tracker map, we have recently crossed over into South Australia – so ends our Western Australia leg of the trip. Many thanks to everyone who we met during our time in the west – the hospitality we have been shown has been second to none & we look forward to returning in the future to continue the friendships that have formed along the way.

    A very special Thank-You to Clare-Bear, Mark, Fattie, Kiwi, Shakey, Kevin & ALL the crew at GKR transport, for your support, which has been so far above & beyond anything that we could possibly have hoped for. You have all been our saving grace along the way. The more people we meet like yourselves – the better this trip continues to get!!!!

    Also, many thanks to the roadhouses along the Eyre Highway, who have made for very comfortable breaks between our stretches camping on the roadside. In particular to Shona, Tony & staff at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse, who made us feel right at home while we stayed at the Wedgetail Inn for a few days.

    The whole Nullarbor Plain region has been a real delight to travel. While the winds have been predominantly against us (so much for the prevailing westerly’s that we had hoped for!), the slow pace has allowed us to really take time to appreciate the sights to be taken in along the way. Words do little justice, so the best I can do is to say that it is a most classic region of Australia & well worth taking the time to visit & appreciate! The Great Australian Bight coastline is truely breathtaking and the whales a most spectacular sight!

    Anyway, must shoot through for now. I will try to do another post before leaving the service area of Nullarbor, after which will be out of contact for another few weeks. Until then, all the best to everyone out there……..

  38. Rita and Doug says:

    Hi Dean – er, Carrot – Except for all the effort of peddling I think I (Rita) am a little envious. I love the Nullabor (and all the bits called the Nullabor but really aren’t) and would love to be able to see all the things that are hidden from those who fly past at 110kph and never stop to appreciate what is really there! We’ve been keeping track of you while we’ve been away. Got home this afternoon.
    Also, I wonder of the skinny old dingo is still scavenging around the roadhouse at Nullabor? I doubt it somehow. I don’t think he would have been quite as welcome as Coffee!
    Cheers, happy peddling, and watch out for all those birds (feathered variety) and flowers for me. Take it for granted that you’ll be looking out for the things that interest Doug! Rita.

  39. Nathan Van Der Meulen says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee

    Met you guys yesterday (30/8) on the Bight. Was an honor to meet you and we wish you both the best for the rest of your journey. We’ll keep checking your Spot location as you go along (we’re also using a Spot so fam and friends can follow us). The kids couldn’t stop talking about it and Hayley has even renamed her toy dog Coffee.

    And yes you were right about how good the service is at Cocklebiddy.

    Nathan, Amanda, Hayley and Josh Van Der Meulen

  40. Edgar & Edith Owen says:

    G’day Carrot
    How’s the spokes on your back wheel? We were wondering how the bike went to get to Caladonia. We are back in Victoria now and have access to your web site via our daughter so we thought we would drop you a line. Looking at the photos it seems coffee dog has been in a good paddock.
    Have been telling everyone about your adventure and have been wondering how your progress has been. Anyway, keep up the good work; your a true inspiration to other.
    Edgar & Edith

  41. Sandra and Ross (Mt Barker) says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffeedog
    You must be glad Spring is approaching having experienced one of our coldest winters in the southern parts of WA. We are to.

  42. Sandra and Ross (Mt Barker) says:

    Oops, I accidently pressed enter before finishing my message.
    Sorry to read you came a cropper and that Coffeedog has been unwell.
    We see you have finally departed WA!!! Think of you both often. Love, best wishes and safe travels. xxx (the kisses are for Coffeedog)

  43. Kate says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee

    wow I can’t believe you are at Ceduna, awesome!!!!!!! you are amazing, it certainly must be a learning experience for you both. Hope you keep biking smoothly.
    take care

    and as the Irish say “May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.”

  44. Cornflake & M & Potato Cake says:

    Hey Carrot N Coffee, you’re about half way!!! Hope you are both well? Has Coffee been unwell :-( By the time you are back, Cornflake and Potato Cake and I will be well settled at our new home in Newcastle… expect you back around Christmas? Would love to have you both over for a meal and long chat! Stay well, may your guardian angels be always be there looking out for you xxxx

  45. Margaret and Ian Small says:

    Hi Carrot,
    Glad to see you made it across the Nullabour in one piece (actually two, counting Coffee). You weren’t very cheerful the day we met you, but our son and his family caught up with you at Penong and let us know you were OK. Keep peddling!
    Margaret and Ian from Armidale.

  46. The Alston's says:

    Hello Carrot…..
    Its great to see you and coffee dog having so much fun.. we are all looking forward to catching up with you back on the east coast, and cant wait for a few stories from the trip (because we know there will be lots!!).
    all the best

    p.s Dean Dean the roses are green……….

  47. paul from cockles says:

    hey C&Cdog, didnt see you on the highway, i`m back on east coast now visiting family, might see you on return trip back to the nully.cheers. p.s. crow loved Nomads cross.

  48. Peter, Gill, Dan & Kate says:

    As we rode our cycles around Paris today, we thought of you! Dan took us on Easo’s beer, bicycle and culture tour including twice round the Arc de Triomphe amidst the 5 lanes of traffic! Quite scary, but really exhillarating! Pete wanted to pick up a French poodle and put it in the carrier basket but the Madame attached to the end of the lead got a bit stroppy! (Do french madames get stroppy? – probably not!)
    This is Peter speaking and Gill has a different version of the events at the Arc De Triomphe……
    My version…..I’ve got the poodle in the basket, heading around the arc thing for the second time, the dog is barking, the owner and her husband chasing me, the horns blaring and the little bloody Aussie raising his fingers in the victory salute – another great Aussie De Tirumph!!!
    We’ll beat em at the rugby too!!
    We did a few K’s today and we’re buggered, so we take our hats off to ya old fella. Keep it up – I think you’re over half way at the Port, so the down hill run hey!! Cheers ol’ son!

  49. Glen and Bill Larcombe says:

    Still watching your progress and pleased to see you still moving along. Hopefully fair and warmer weather with you now!

    Cheers to you and a pat for Coffee, from Glen and Bill Larcombe, whom you met in Donnybrook, Western Austra L ia !!

  50. Cheryl Voss says:

    What an enjoyable nite on Wednesday. You both are in my heart forever. Hope Pt.Pirie will have fond memories for you. Safe travels friend. Chezza

  51. Deb van den Bogert says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee of course
    Looks like you are getting there slowly!! lol
    We at Patches n Things have been missing Coffee and you too Carrot.
    Great to see you travelling well, love the team at Patches.

  52. Sam & Ros says:

    Hi C&C!

    We met you guys at the Ceduna camp site, we were the crazy people setting up in the dark with 2 white Great Danes. We hope your journey is going well and if you come through Canberra, you have a place to stay with us and we would love to assist in any way!

    May the weather stay good for you both and travel safe.

    Sam, Ros, Milo and Chelsea

  53. Robyn Fitzgerald says:

    Hey Carrot & Coffee
    My little Noah dog misses Coffee dog. Remember the little golden kelpie and the husky Tala. Both doggies say hang in there and they hope to catch you done the beach when you get back to Esperance for Coffee at the Cat!! Take care You guys are doing an awesome job! Catcha on the flip side!
    Love Noah (Noongar) and Tala

  54. Carrot says:

    Well, this is long overdue, but hello again to all of you out there. Thanks ever so much for all the posts made in our absence – great to hear from everyone.

    We are presently holed up in Morgan SA, waiting for the wet weather to blow over. For the last couple of days we have had the excellent company of two other international touring cyclists: Aaron (Mr Hawaii) & Joe (Mr Wales – 2nd place). Both are wonderful fellows & full of good cheer!

    In brief, after heading east of the Nullarbor region into the Yalata Reserve, Coffee somehow managed to consume a whole root of ginger- that’s right – GINGER! Where on earth she found it is anyones guess, but take my word for it, ginger may be a calmative when ingested in SMALL quantities, but NOT when swallowed whole as an entire root!!!! And yes, I’m sure it was ginger because the offending object was identified during the ensuing turmoil over the next two days. I’ve NEVER seen an animal become so sick from a herb!!!! It all settled down eventually & I feel safe to say that Coffee has probably learned absolutely nothing from the experience & would do it all over again given the chance!

    Anyway, all is well & everything is on track. We’ll be following the Murray river east into Victoria/NSW during the coming week & will keep you all posted when there is news worthy to tell. A MASSIVE thanks to you all for your ongoing correspondance & support!!!! Till then….

  55. Cheryl Voss says:

    Hi Carrot, Great to hear the trip is going well. Not a lot at Morgan but the river is a pretty sight at any time. You have made good distance since last week. Where do you cross the river? Call into Banrock Station winery on the way to Renmark if you are near there. Great spot with a board walk and lots to see. Award winning grounds. Maybe a glass of wine if you aren’t going any further. MMMM, Bye now, Hugs to you both.

  56. Andy Mundy says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffee dog,
    We met at Port Pirie last week.
    I was the guy with the big red postie van and a market stall that you saved from gale force winds at the carnival. . .Phew! . . . Thanks heaps for that!
    Hope you are travelling well and blessings to you both in your adventure.
    You have touched the hearts of many!

  57. Colin Suzie Wandy and Zola at Noggerup says:

    Gidday Travellers.Hope both your bellies are full (and stable).

    Suzie and I went and saw Red Dog last night.
    (I wanted to take Wandy.No dogs???? Doh!)

    Anyway it was a good watch.
    Very Aussie.The Kelpie obviously stole the show.

    How UNUSUAL! ; )

    Happy Trav’lin’

    PS: If you get a chance to see the Movie,cover Coffee in Henna till she’s nice and red,then refer to her as ‘Koko’ when you get near the movie theatre entrance.
    You may have to sign a few autographs,but you MAY also get the Royal treatment!
    Cheers from Noggerup.

  58. Darryl Worth says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffee

    Have sent word to our friends in Victoria and maybe some will meet you along the way. Its not rocket science just keep peddling……….

    Cheers Mate

    And Safe Travels

  59. Danielle and Tristan says:

    Hello Carrot and Coffee dog,
    It’s been a long time since we saw you on your first day at Cocklebiddy. Hope all has been going well!? My parents are currently on the road and are in Clare heading to Mildura. If you need anything just let me know and I can pass it on to them.
    We might see you if your coming through Canberra!! :)

    All the best,
    Danielle and Tristan

  60. Sarah and Danica says:

    Hey Coffee and Carrot, its Sarah and Danica, from Esperance.
    Hope Coffee dog is warm in her jacket, and that your enjoying the rest of your trip. Hope to see you guys in Esperance after you’ve finished your bike ride, we know you loved it here and we’d love to see you again. It was a pleasure meeting you. Best of luck! your nearly there. =)

  61. Gill Smith/Mildura says:

    So nice to meet both you and coffee dog Carrot. Thank you for raising funds close to my heart. May the rest of your journey be filled with good people and safe travel. Gill and Charlie Smith- Mildura

  62. Anne says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee Dog,

    Is Coffee Dog saying ‘Are we there yet?’

    I hope the rest of your journey is very good donation-wise and after you have a big rest, head back to Kojonup, WA.

    Cheers, Anne

  63. Nicole says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffee Dog,

    We were doing field work near Broken Hill and were passing through Mildura visitors info center and saw your incredibly awesome bike. Just got back from field work a few days ago and looked up your site – you’re doing something really great! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to donate in person we walked around the center and when we looked out the window again you’d gone :( Donated online :) Will you be writing a book about your adventure? I’d buy it :D

    Keep riding, soldier on!

    Nicole & Luke (La Trobe University Melbourne)

  64. Cornflake & M & Potato Cake says:

    Hey there Carrot,
    Thinking of you and getting excited about greeting you soon at Darling Harbour! How are Coffee and Latte getting along ;-) ? Yup…heard about your extra passenger! Pick up a mocha for me on the way please?;-)

  65. Bella Moments says:

    Hi. I took some great photos of Carrot and Coffee dog when we met them. Posted a few on your facebook page. If you would like me to email copies, send me through the best email address. We were so happy to meet you both. You are doing a wonderful job and look forward to seeing you back in Perth sometime soon. Take Care. Rachael, Jason and Sam xxoo

  66. Craig Selby says:

    Hi Carrot we met about 30ks out of Norseman when i topped your water tanks up! Was glad to hear you cleared the bight and nullabour hope all is well and wish you good traveling!ps that muzzle is not just for the baits,but can be used for ginger roots also hehehehe

  67. john says:

    Hi carrot and coffee. Good to meet you in maldon yesterday. What a great story a chance meeting with a drizabone covered dog led to. You are mad, but you are an inspiration! May the wind be at your back the rest of the way. Cheers John and Andrea, the dingo couple.

  68. Lauren Hall says:

    Hey Carrot and coffee dog. Awesome meeting with you in Bendigo at the bridge hotel. Best wishes for the rest of your journey. coffee dog you are amazing and carrot your so very crazy. what an inspiration!!! have fun and can’t wait to here from you guys again.


    • Joss Stewart says:

      I was born and bred in Castlemaine and mad about dogs. I have 4 ( all rescues) and just received my subscription copy of the Castlemaine Mail in the post with the article about Carrott and CoffeeDog. What an inspiration ! Can somebody tell me approx arrival date in Sydney so I can be at Darling Harbour to greet them pls text me on 0409 566485. Carrott if you read this pls ring or text on above number you are welcome to stay at my home if you need a bed, a hot shower and some friendly woof woof company. I have made a donation to MS I worked for them briefly in fundraising many years ago and know what a bastard of an illness it is. Good luck to you and what a challenge you have taken on. I am a long distance trekker and mountain climber and age 61 am taking on the “seven summits” donig my next mountain climb 7000 metres in Argentina in January 2012 age 62. PLS SOMEBODY LET ME KNOW ETA ( estimated time of arrival in Sydney) JOSS STEWART

      • Kathryn Trass says:

        Hi Joss, I will pass your details on to Carrot, I’m sure he will want to get in touch with you, I’m his web person. I don’t know if he knows exactly when he will get to Sydney. He has had trouble accessing the blog with his phone lately (it’s an unsmart phone). Thanks so much for your generous donation to the MS site. I have the disease myself and you’re right, it’s not fun, but there are plenty far far worse off than me. Wow, it sounds like you are in for an amazing trek, sounds like you have probably had lots of adventures. It never ceases to amaze me all the extraordinary things people do. All the best with it. Cheers Kathryn :-)

  69. Hey Carrot great to see your going well. What way are you heading to Sydney? Let me know when you think you’ll be in the big smoke as I’ll try and get there. I’ll be down there late November 24th roughly, for a meeting with a melanoma researcher and also to poke my nose into parliament house when a new petition is being tabled to extend the ban for smoking in outdoor areas. Travel well,
    Cheers Maura, Joe and Esther.

  70. Donna Campbell says:

    Hey Carrot
    It was great meeting you at our cellar door on Thursday. I hear you spent the night with my Auntie and Uncle (Len and Elaine) AND kept one or two of my cousins entertained with stories of your travels. They were still talking about your visit this morning when I called at their place.
    Well done on your awesome effort so far (complete bloody madness really!) and keep safe on the remainder of your journey.

  71. Jim Alston says:

    Ride faster you weak pizzled bastard!!!!!!
    its all up hill from here……
    Big Jim

  72. Matt Moore says:

    Well done guys, I just heard you on the radio in Canberra, i hope to get out on the highway soon to say hi. You are a true Aussie and Coffee is awesome. Keep up the great work

  73. Teena Cooper says:

    It was great to meet you and Coffee at the farmers market in Canberra, I feel in love with Coffee.

  74. Leah Harris says:

    Was great to meet you both this morning! Truly an inspiration! Take care and all the best.

  75. Sue & Bill Mutton says:

    Hi Carrot & Coffeedog! Glad you could spend a little time with us (here in Glen Alpine/Campbelltown) on the final leg of your amazing trip. Hope you managed to find your way through the peak hour traffic to your Thursday destination. We really enjoyed all the travel stories and people analysis that happened Wednesday night. Look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future! Congratulations on all your achievements!!! Bill & Sue

  76. Chirpa says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffee dog. All the boy’s here sending their congradulations to you and Coffe dog
    we are all very proud of what you have acheived and it will be great to catch up with you both and listen to the stories of your adventure. Well done and enjoy Sydney.

    From every one on B Crew

  77. Jane and Phil Oliver says:

    Congratulations on safe arrival at your destination. Saw you on the chaneel 9 morning show. Great to see you and Coffee in great shape. Look forward to catching up with you next time you come through Port Augusta. More than happy to oblige next time you need badges sewn on Coffees coat or your shirts. A Magnificent effort both of you.
    Jane and Phil from Janes Patchwork & Sewing Port Augusta

  78. Fiona says:

    Hi Carrot and Coffeedog!
    We me briefly on the corner of Dickson Street and King street Newtown on Sunday 18th December. Such an inspiring story and I was glad to have been able to briefly meet you and donate a lttle something for a very good cause.
    Hope you manage to find some comfort and have a peaceful festive season after your long trip. I was glad to meet you on the last day of the trip after you crossed the finish line and I wish you all the very best for you future journey and endeavours.
    Congratulations +++++++.

  79. Emma small says:

    hi Carrot and coffeedog remember us the Smalls we meet about 100km outside ceduna you have our address so if you need anywhere to stay where here. Wish i could see you cross the finnishing line only just found out that you where in town. Good luck on future congrats
    Emma Small

  80. Anne says:

    Congratulations Carrot on a job very well done! You are an inspiration for so many, and I know I’m not the only one full of admiration for what you have achieved.
    All the best for Christmas and hopefully a BIG rest.
    ps. does Coffee remember how to walk?

  81. julie says:


  82. Jess Jamo @ Dempster Sporting, Esperance WA says:

    Hey Carrot & Coffee you lil beauty,

    You made it you champion!!! Well come on back and see us soon in Esperance, we miss ya’s (that means coffee too!)

    Love all us, The team at Dempster Sporting xxx

  83. julie says:


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